Wednesday, March 2, 2011

OPI: Black Shatter and OPI: teenage dream

so after hearing every one rave about this polish i had to get it. i had been looking for a while now and just couldnt find it any where. But i finally got it! yay!  and now i see what all the rave was about ! i love this stuff!  so soon as i got home i had to try it out  so here is my look with it...

disreguard the Nubar it made it into the wrong picture. oops!

for this look i used:
H&M Bella's Choice
OPI: Black Shatter♥

OMG i love this stuff! i havent yet tried out the Teenage dream  but its coming!
have a great day


  1. That shatter polish is pretty awesome!

  2. Very cute!
    I have been looking EVERYWHERE for the Black Shatter polish and I can't find it :(
    I bought Teenage Dream Sunday while out shopping but haven't had a chance to use it yet, but I love its glittery sparkly color :)

  3. @leslie well thank you love.
    and theyre is some on ebay for a reasonable price. that was one of my last options if i couldnt find it. and Teenage Dream is amazing! i mean who wouldnt? its pink and glittery! what more could you ask for haha
    have a great day, lulla

  4. Ooh its just like the barry m one :D

  5. you have it! lucky girl !

  6. Loving your nails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Can never go wrong with a shatter polish! :)
    I do love the sparkly Opi as well...