Wednesday, March 2, 2011

NOTD (my mommy's nails)

so a couple of nights ago my mom asked me to do her nails. which was a so surprising because she does her own nails ( i guess thats where i get it from). so if course i said yes! (:  so i let her pick out what color she wanted, she demanded a pastel for spring. ( opi: rumples wiggin') and she wanted a cute konad flower in the corners.  so here is what her nails turned out like. i took the pictures a couple of days later so they arent as fresh looking  but still look nice (:

she loved them and thats all that mattered to me! it made he so happy when she went to work the next day and everyone was noticing her nails and asking her who did them.  she told me she was so proud to say her daughter♥

awwhh i love you mommy!


  1. You're mum has nicer hands than me! Now I'm jealous!

  2. @Ms Bubu: se had nice nails ... she smiled when i told her your comment and said thank you