Sunday, March 27, 2011


Last week i received my wonderful package from Tina of Fleur's Nails and Stuff. She is a wonderful lady, and has great taste as you can see. Tina lives in Slovenia! thats a long way from where i live lol.  she made a lot of firsts for me. some of the brands i had never even heard about. This was a great swap yay! i love everything. so here is what i got...

Its a bunch huh!?

here are some closer pictures:

what a great swap huh?  i love all of my goodies somuch. the candy is to die for so yummy
thank you so much Tina, hope to stay in touch.
Check out Tinas Blog! she has some great things over there


Saturday, March 26, 2011

LEX Cosmetics

hey guys sorry its been a week since i have did a post. I just have been so busy lately its been unreal. but i have an exciting post today. this week i received 3 polishes from LEX Cosmetics. and man oh man did i love them. These Polishes are made by Alexa (the owner). and these polishes are great . they dry supper fast and are super pigmented. They are amazing!  sweet words could never express how i feel about her company. not only does she make great polishes, each polish has there own story and something about the color creator. and that's not all, Each of the polishes have a great charity/fund that a fraction of the money goes to that organization. So without further a due here are the polishes i got.

Aren't they just amazing!? 

Cayman Cabana

This color was made by the owner, Alexa.
" Cayman Cabana is breezy and bright, perfect for the summer days or as an escape from the cold winter nights. It's reminiscent of the colorful homes found in the Caribbean and Virgin Islands and happens to be the color of the gorgeous ocean down there. If you can't make it to the Caymans, this color can at least take your mind there. "
                    *With Cayman Cabana $1 will be donated to World Wildlife Fund *


This color was created by Kate
"I chose the name because it reminds me of what you're wearing when hanging in on a weekend with your boyfriend, watching movies and making breakfast in bed... hence 'Toast'!
I like it too because its casually elegant - perfect for everything from a job interview to a first date and it's great to compliment bright spring colors because it's neutral. "
When Toast is bought $1 will be donated to Habitat for Humanity


This color is created by Elisa
"The rich color of deep red is bold and beautiful like that of wine. We have recently seen many chic/trendy/urban women across big cities sporting this color. Strong, fun/flirty, confident women who enjoy a night out, dining, and of course, wine. I like to consider these ladies wino (s): women who love wine, love themselves, and love life. The color not only reflects the personality of wine, but also the personality of the woman that wears it. Bold, confident, and beautiful."
When Wino is purchased $1 will be donated to Children's Heart Federation

What Alexa id doing is just an amazing thing. You can help her help the organizations by puchasing some of her polishes and reading her messages. on her website you can also vote for the new upcoming color. You therefore, have your own say, which i think is great  (i voted for Keylime Margaritas) yay.... So head on over to and take a look its so wonderful what Alexa is doing. 

I did a Nail look with Wino: click here

have a great day everyone  and stay happy and healthy♥,

Nails of the Week NOTW

so since I've been super busy this week ugh I'm just going to do a post with all the nails I've has this week.
so hear they are

2 coats of Barielle: Grape Escape

2 coats of Kleancolor: Patel Pink
with Art Deco: Gold Glitter
Ring Finger: Sinful Colors: All About You

2 coats of LEX Cosmetics: Wino
with BM: 06

* i had another nail but i just forgot to take the picture. oops.

i hope everyone has a great weekend and as always stay happy and healthy :)
love lulla

Friday, March 18, 2011

My Giveaway Winners!

The winners of Lulla Writes New Blogger/ St. Patrick's Day Giveaway were chosen using there were two winners 1st and 2nd prizes.


the first winner of all the goodies is:  SHAKEETA WILLIAMS!
congrats girl! i will be shooting you an email shortly.

The second winner of the handmade bracelet is: ERICA
congrats to you to girl! email  is coming your way too

you ladies have 48 hours to reply if you don't, i will pick another winner.
have a great day everyone,

Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patricks Day NOTD

hey ladies!  happy St. Patty's Day to you all. im going to appolgize now for this post being very light on words due to me being super busy today! so sorry (:  so here is my nail job ive been sporting all day. i got so many people that noticed them! which made me feel good with all the positive comments yay!  so here is the nails

*sorry for the ugly pinky, it broke off yesterday*

WHat i used:
4 coats of NUBAR: lime green
and konaded shamrocks off a BM plate

hope everyone had a great and wonderful St. Patty's Day

BlogSale for Japan's Victims

i have added some new things to my blog sale the past couple of days. i decided to make all the money made from it, to go to the victims in Japan. What happened in Japan was horrible. When i first found out i was deeply concerned about my cousin who is stationed over there where it happened. but thankfully she was unharmed. but many families were broken and torn apart. So lets give back and so we care about them, even though we dont know them. So please help and buy something! i will be posting more things very soon!
check it out here: BlogSale

much love and blessings,

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nails of the Week

hey dolls, 
 sorry i haven't posted much in the past couple of days, i have been really busy! ugh. but I'm doing a different kind of post today; instead of doing separate posts on the polishs ive been wearing last week im just gonna put them all into one post to save time (: so here are the different nails from last week:

Sinful Colors: Black on Black(2 coats)&
China Glaze: Fairy Dust on top

OPI: not llike the movies (3 coats)

OPI: Not Like the Movies( 3 coats)&
OPI: Black Shatter

OPI: Lincoln Park After Dark (2 coats)&
SV top coat

and again

Nina: Fuchsia Rage (3 coats)&
Designs with Art Deco: White, and Black

   (Mom's Nails)
China Glaze: ReFresh Mint (2 coats)
and Fauxnad image

hope this was a post you liked!  feel free to comment to tell me what you think and which is your favorite
have a great day, lulla

Blog Sale

added some new things to my  Blog Sale, i will be adding more soon
have a great day!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Swatches on OPI Texas Collection Lil Shooters

here are the swatched for the Lil Shooters from the Texas colection:

Pinky: I Vant to be A-Lone Star (over white) it is a very sheer pale blue but it is so pretty
Ring Finger: Do you think i'm Tex-y? (over white)  very pigmented but see through! :(
Middle Finger: Austin-tatious Turguoise (over white) it looks sorta green IRL
Pointer Finger: Austin-tatious Turguoise (over a greyish brown) wow this color is so amazing over a dark color, were it is also sheer but over something it is  so stunning! (favorite)♥

i hope this post helped to show the true colors of this collection
have a great weekend, lulla

Small Polish Haul

i haven't posted a post all week and I'm so sorry for that, but i have been terribly busy :/  anyways me and my mother went shopping last weekend and i got some grrat buys on some opi stuff as well as some other brands. so here they are
Nicole by OPI: Let's get Star-ted  $5
NYC: Big Money Frost  $1
Confetti: Show Stopper  $2
NYC: Battery Park Purple $1
Art Deco: Gold Glitter  $1
OPI:  Fiercely Fiona $4  (on sale)
Art Deco: Silver Glitter  $1
OPI: Not Like The Movies (Katy Perry Collection)  $7
OPI: Lincoln Park After Dark Matte $7

i got the whole GO GOTH set for $4 what a steal.
it includes: Unripened, Nevermore, Sanguine, Obscurity

Texas Collection(:
when i saw this set i had to get it it cost me $11 but it is totally worth it
This little set included: Austin-tatious Turquoise, I Vant to be A-lone Star, Do You think I'm Tex-y, and RapiDry Top Coat

i love all the great polishes i got and i cant wait to try them out! I hope yall have a great weekend!
enjoy, lullla♥

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Lush Products!

about a week ago i recieved my fist Lush products. the reason that it has taken me that long to do a post about it, is because i had to try the products out. and the tallies are in and... i LOVE them! i was really surprised how cheap the pricesare. so i couldnt resist, i had to get some!  so here is what i got

Sweetie Pie shower jellie (it smells like cherry cola)♥ yumm
Free: Queen of the Hearts Soap
Snow Fairy lip tint (taste just like bubblegum)
Free: Temptation Soap (by far my favorite)
x2 Angel's Delight (even tho i only bought one i got two) sweet!

these are great product and i will be buying from them agin soon

sorry this post is short in words dolls, im on vacation another weekend and i just had to post something

hope everyone has a great and blessed weekend,

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

OPI: Black Shatter and OPI: teenage dream

so after hearing every one rave about this polish i had to get it. i had been looking for a while now and just couldnt find it any where. But i finally got it! yay!  and now i see what all the rave was about ! i love this stuff!  so soon as i got home i had to try it out  so here is my look with it...

disreguard the Nubar it made it into the wrong picture. oops!

for this look i used:
H&M Bella's Choice
OPI: Black Shatter♥

OMG i love this stuff! i havent yet tried out the Teenage dream  but its coming!
have a great day

NOTD (my mommy's nails)

so a couple of nights ago my mom asked me to do her nails. which was a so surprising because she does her own nails ( i guess thats where i get it from). so if course i said yes! (:  so i let her pick out what color she wanted, she demanded a pastel for spring. ( opi: rumples wiggin') and she wanted a cute konad flower in the corners.  so here is what her nails turned out like. i took the pictures a couple of days later so they arent as fresh looking  but still look nice (:

she loved them and thats all that mattered to me! it made he so happy when she went to work the next day and everyone was noticing her nails and asking her who did them.  she told me she was so proud to say her daughter♥

awwhh i love you mommy!

Blog Sale Purchases

These are some great polishes that i have bought recently at blog sales♥

Milani Holographic: HD
KrackPolish: Hunter Green
Models Own: Peach Sherbet
Models Own: Purple Grey
KleanColor: Holo Green
KleanColor: Firework

So Laque: Bleu Violet (in real life is deep purple)
So Lauque: Cersise Noire
H&M: Check Me Out
H&M: Bella's Choice

i cant wait to try these polishes out. i really got some great ploishes
love, lulla