Saturday, August 13, 2011

Blog Sale!!!

I'm cleaning out my polishes because i have been in need for some cash lately since the new addition to the family has came(:  diapers are so expensive! haha anyways..

Shipping will be shipped in flat rate boxes or bubble wrap  which ever is cheaper (:
Every Bottle of polish will be bubble wrapped to insure they arrive safely

**Also each purchase will receive a free gift(:

When you have figured out which polishes you want send me and email to: with the names  and then i will give you my paypal (please send money as a gift) thank you  and i hope each person finds something in these polishes you like

Here are some polishes that i still hold close to my heart but find myself not reaching for. So here we go..

1. Sinful Colors: Show me the Way BN $2
2. Golden Rose: 86 BN $2
3. China Glaze: Four Leaf Clover (swatched) $4

1. Sally Hansen HD: Digital♥ BN $4
2.China Glaze: Hey Sailor BN $5
3. Gabrini: 358 BN $1

1. Zoya: Lola (swatched) $6
2. Zoya Matte: Lolly (swatched) $6 
3. BYS Crackle: Pink (swatched) $6

1.Nicole by OPI: Lets get Star-ted (swatched) $4
2. Klean Color: Firework BN $3
3. China Glaze: Hologram♥ BN $5

1. Finger Paints: Lavader Highlight BN $4
2. Elf: Purple Pleaser BN $1
3. Goolden Rose: 56 BN $2

1. Sally Hansen HD: BLU 90% $3
2.Zoya Matte: Phoebe (swatched) $6
3. Zoya: Yummy (swatched) $6

1. Orly: Star of Bombay BN $4
2. Sonia Kashuk: Taunting Teal (swatched) $3
3. Revlon: Cloud♥ (swatched) $2

1. Piggy Polish: Toe'd you so BN $4
2. Tommy: In a Flash Bn $1
3. Zoya: Austine (used once) $5

1. Nina: Solar Flare (swatched) $3
2. Zoya Matte: Mitzi (swatched) $6
3. Zoya: Hurry Up Drops (used 3 times) $6

1. Butterfly: 275 BN $2
2. Barielle: Hidden Hideaway BN $2
 3. Gosh: Gasoline BN $8

1. Krackpolish: Hunter Green (swatched) $2
2. Klean Color: Holo Green BN $3
3. China Glaze: In the LIME light (used once)$5

1. Revlon: Cotton Candy (Scented) BN $2
2. Eyeko: Vintage Jade Green BN $2
3. Manhattan: 101S Bn $4
OPI Go Goth! Collection $8
(Unripened, Nevermore, Sanguine, Obscurity)
also comes with a Lace cuff bracelet
(swatched each once)

OPI Texas collection $8
(Austn-tatious Turquoise, I Vant to be A-Lone Star, Dont you Think I'm Texy?,  RapidDry TopCoat)
(swatched Each once)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Springtime Giveaway Winner!

drum roll please......... the winner of my springtime giveaway is Gabriela Spinelli !!! congrats girl  i have just sent you an email and you have 24 hours to reply from now.  Go check out Gabriela's blog and follow her! 
hope every one has a great fisr day of Summer!

love and happiness,

Saturday, May 28, 2011

apology and some news

hello all my beautiful ladies, i know i have been away off and on for a while.  I have been so busy and had some issues come up  that just have kept me from blogging. therefore, in about 1 month everything will go back to normal. i wont be nearly as busy so the posts will start back up again.  I have changed the ending date of my giveaway to June 10  which is a special day for me.  if you need anything you can email me at:  i will be sure to answer.  I hope you all can forgive me for being gone as much as i have.  if anyone would like to do a swap please contact me.  and also  i appreciate everyone that follows my blog, it means a lot to me.

stay safe and sound,

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Nails Nails Nails

well hello  i hope everyone had a great weekend! i sure did, but it was so busy.. i have some big explaining to do.. The reason that i have not been doing post on my blog is because my area was one of the areas hit by the horrible tornado that came across the eastern coast of the united states. luckly all of my family is safe and okay with just minor damages done. But i cant say that for everyone in my community. i have lost some near friends and i would ask everyone to keep the victems in their prayers please. my area still looks horrible, but we have made a great effort at getting back to everyday life. so here are some of the nails i have did. there has been plenty more i just havent had time to put them up yet. i hope to get back to my normal blog posting soon

with peace and love,