Saturday, August 13, 2011

Blog Sale!!!

I'm cleaning out my polishes because i have been in need for some cash lately since the new addition to the family has came(:  diapers are so expensive! haha anyways..

Shipping will be shipped in flat rate boxes or bubble wrap  which ever is cheaper (:
Every Bottle of polish will be bubble wrapped to insure they arrive safely

**Also each purchase will receive a free gift(:

When you have figured out which polishes you want send me and email to: with the names  and then i will give you my paypal (please send money as a gift) thank you  and i hope each person finds something in these polishes you like

Here are some polishes that i still hold close to my heart but find myself not reaching for. So here we go..

1. Sinful Colors: Show me the Way BN $2
2. Golden Rose: 86 BN $2
3. China Glaze: Four Leaf Clover (swatched) $4

1. Sally Hansen HD: Digital♥ BN $4
2.China Glaze: Hey Sailor BN $5
3. Gabrini: 358 BN $1

1. Zoya: Lola (swatched) $6
2. Zoya Matte: Lolly (swatched) $6 
3. BYS Crackle: Pink (swatched) $6

1.Nicole by OPI: Lets get Star-ted (swatched) $4
2. Klean Color: Firework BN $3
3. China Glaze: Hologram♥ BN $5

1. Finger Paints: Lavader Highlight BN $4
2. Elf: Purple Pleaser BN $1
3. Goolden Rose: 56 BN $2

1. Sally Hansen HD: BLU 90% $3
2.Zoya Matte: Phoebe (swatched) $6
3. Zoya: Yummy (swatched) $6

1. Orly: Star of Bombay BN $4
2. Sonia Kashuk: Taunting Teal (swatched) $3
3. Revlon: Cloud♥ (swatched) $2

1. Piggy Polish: Toe'd you so BN $4
2. Tommy: In a Flash Bn $1
3. Zoya: Austine (used once) $5

1. Nina: Solar Flare (swatched) $3
2. Zoya Matte: Mitzi (swatched) $6
3. Zoya: Hurry Up Drops (used 3 times) $6

1. Butterfly: 275 BN $2
2. Barielle: Hidden Hideaway BN $2
 3. Gosh: Gasoline BN $8

1. Krackpolish: Hunter Green (swatched) $2
2. Klean Color: Holo Green BN $3
3. China Glaze: In the LIME light (used once)$5

1. Revlon: Cotton Candy (Scented) BN $2
2. Eyeko: Vintage Jade Green BN $2
3. Manhattan: 101S Bn $4
OPI Go Goth! Collection $8
(Unripened, Nevermore, Sanguine, Obscurity)
also comes with a Lace cuff bracelet
(swatched each once)

OPI Texas collection $8
(Austn-tatious Turquoise, I Vant to be A-Lone Star, Dont you Think I'm Texy?,  RapidDry TopCoat)
(swatched Each once)