Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Nails Nails Nails

well hello  i hope everyone had a great weekend! i sure did, but it was so busy.. i have some big explaining to do.. The reason that i have not been doing post on my blog is because my area was one of the areas hit by the horrible tornado that came across the eastern coast of the united states. luckly all of my family is safe and okay with just minor damages done. But i cant say that for everyone in my community. i have lost some near friends and i would ask everyone to keep the victems in their prayers please. my area still looks horrible, but we have made a great effort at getting back to everyday life. so here are some of the nails i have did. there has been plenty more i just havent had time to put them up yet. i hope to get back to my normal blog posting soon

with peace and love,


  1. Love them!

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  2. the last ones are pretty cool, which polishes have you used?

  3. You make beautiful manis!

    Which nailpolish did you use on the third picture?