Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lulla Writes: New Blogger/ St. Patricks Day Giveaway

well this post means a lot to me i have been working on this for a while now and just thought of a great reason to host a giveaway. Im new to Blogger so i am still figuring out some stuff. So what better way to show how much i love my readers and new ones to come im going to do a small giveaway! whooo

The first winner chosen will get:
A bag of Lindor Truffles♥
Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush body mist in appletini
Cutex Nail Polish Remover
Sally Hansen Nail Growth Activator
Nail File
EOS in Tangerine♥
W&W: Hallucinate and Sparked
Jesse's Girl: JulieG
oke doke: steal this teal and Pink This
Petites Color Fever: Periwinkle
Sinful Colors: Show me the way

The second winner chosen will get this Handmade Glass Bracelet out of my store that i made♥

Here's how to enter:
1. You Must be a PUBLIC follower via Google Friends Connect. PLease make sure to leave you GFC name so that i can identify you. If i can not find you, you will not be entered. Also, please leave your email so if you win i can contact you. (required - 2 entries)

For Additional Entries :
2. Post about my Giveaway on your blog. in a post or on a side bar with the first photo above. (3 enties)

3. Follow me on Twitter.(@lullawrites) you must leave your following name so i can verify. (3 entries)

4. Tweet about my "New Blogger/ St. Patricks Day Giveaway" you must provide a link to the tweet (1 entry)

5. Give me some input on pointers or anything blog related since im to to Blogger (1 entry)

6. Readers who comment and leave feedback on my posts will get and extra entry from me(:

PLease fill out the form below with all your entries and click the SUBMIT button to enter.

This giveaway will close on St. Patrick's Day at MIDNIGHT EST

This giveaway is INTERNATIONAL!(:

Good Luck too all!


  1. i'm a french follower, i play to your giveaway but i don't know if it's an international one!
    so... fingers crossed! :)
    thansk for this nice giveaway and if you want something, you can email me! :))

  2. yes caroleen it is a international giveaway(:

  3. thanks for answer! :)

  4. Love this giveaway!! just filled out the form :) xx

  5. Am following your cute blog! Mine is you should take a look! Also entered your giveaway :D xx

  6. okay thanks and i'll take a look at yours (: and yay good luck!

  7. this is such a good giveaway!

  8. aww lindor truffles! i love that! :)

  9. Thanks for the great giveaway!

    BTW I have a giveaway on my blog as well! Please check it out and enter

  10. Thanks for the giveaway. I filled out your form. Have a great day. :)

  11. I am a google connect follower

    Ollie Moss

  12. mmmm lindt, my fave chocolate. :P nice giveaway!

  13. @Heavensent1 please fill out the form so that you can be entered into the giveaway the comment will not get you entered sorry thanks

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  15. I know...I know...DOH...I'm blaming it on the toothache I am currently suffering right now...tho' I shouldn't even have this ache...been to the dentist now 4 x's over it...GRRR~!! Sorry...deleting posts and doing it the RIGHT way this time...hehe...blush~!!!

  16. its totally fine dont worry about i just wanted you to get entered in haha

  17. I'm entered in all nice and proper now...hehe...may the luck of the Irish find us all...and treat us good...hehe

  18. Oooh so many pretty things in your giveaway! I want!

  19. Hola creo que lo complete bien,dime si me falta algo.gracias

  20. keeps my fingers crossed for the win!

  21. I ja zostawiam swój komentarz trochu inaczej bo po Polsku :) zapisując sie do zabawy bo sa fajntastyczne rzeczy :) :)
    Pozdrawiam Karolina :)

  22. Thanks for the chance to win! I just entered=) I even love the bracelet. Plus you can't go wrong with chocolate.

    Danae@Believing Unbeliever

  23. Thanks for the lovely giveaway, Lulla! I hope you'll find time to create a FaceBook account for your blog. It's a great way to connect more to your readers. :)

    Hoping to win this in time for my birthday. Take care!

  24. thanks for this giveaways! Lulla, i like your page and it doesnt like your a newbie lol!!! You must use a facebook page too for your blog/title

    hope to win! xoxo

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  26. i love this giveaway, done with all the mechanics :) hope i can win

  27. Count me in Lulla :)
    Way to go...Keep Blogging!

    I love your page and thanks for the giveaway ;)

  28. enter me please xx

    GFC name is FrenchMeUp!

  29. Thanks for the draw and luck to all!

  30. great giveaway!

  31. I just entered, thank you Lulla! Great giveaway ;) I currently have one too if you're interested :) x

  32. Hi Lulla! Please ENTER ME.

    follow you on GFC name sHeNgKaY.

    Follow you on twitter @itsMeShengkay

    You can actually connect i mean shout out your blogger post in you Twitter and FB account. just after your post you can see FB and twit button just click it and do what is ask.
    have a nice day ahead!

  33. thank you! :D oh and from what I know, people don't like captchas.

  34. hope to win! xx

  35. i really would like to try that eos! ^^

    xoxo elle

  36. I love this giveaway! The glass bracelet is beautiful and I'm just starting to use make up (25 year old mommy how sad is that lol) so either prize would be great! I blogged about your giveaway as well!
    (MyThriftyCanadianLife blogger)

  37. Hi hi new here to your blog, great giveaway you are having!

  38. GFC: Marcela Thiemi


  39. GFC: Meera Viswanathan

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  42. Hello!
    Enter me please!
    I follow: saracr

    Additional entries:

    I posted:

    Thank you!