Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Review: GlitterGal Holographic Nail Polish

He girls, im so so sorry its been forever and a day since i have done a post. this has all been due to my computer magically breaking!  its been terrible, but its fixed now so back on with the blogging world.

I received this great polish from Anna and Kerry of Glitter Gal. These two girls have been friends for many years and have creted a company called Glitter Gal. Kerry is a makeup artist and Anna is creator and supplier of private label products. They have teamed up to create some awesome products.  The product that I am spotlighting here is their Holographic Nail Polish in Fuchsia. Glitter Gal uses true holographic particles in their formulation that makes this nail polish of extremely high quality. I am so glad I found this polish.  This polish is amazing. It is my new favorite. It goes on extremely smooth and dries very quickly to a hard duable finish. I couldn't wait to try it when I received yesterday.
 I did my mom's nails last night and she immediately loved, it.  The color is so fresh and bright. When the sun light shines on her nails the colors pop. The holographic effect is awesome.  The pictures just don't do this polish justice beause it is so hard to capture the holographic effect in a still photo. I highly recommend this polish to anyone who loves a high impact polish with lots of color. The color in the photo is Fuchsia. It has ever so slight reflections of purple, green, blue, gold and yellow-without ever loosing the great fuchsia color. It's really durable-my mom has done dishes twice since I did her nails and didn't even use a top coat...Love it! Love It! Love It!

hope you guys enjoyed this post! this polish needs to be on everyones wishlists!
go check Glitter Gal out here



  1. I LOVE Glitter Gal holos. I had no idea their pink would be so hot but it is! They make great lacquer. :)

  2. Love this shade!